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Lock Maintainance

Securing Homes through Lock Maintenance

Think of the peace of mind you have, when you are away and know your home and property are both safe. Assuredly, you have confidencein knowing your homes are protected from the rogue elements. However lock maintenance is important to the safety and security of your home.

At doctorlocksmith, our services are embued by giving our customers the service they deserve. Our lock maintenance services are second to none. We are the specialists on lock maintenance. We service all types of lock.

Apart from being the best locksmith in London and provide excellent lock maintenance services. We are just a call away. Because our your doors are our concern we will send a reliable locksmith to your front door.

What Sets Us Apart?

We are the best remedy for lock maintenance- Our services are available

Day or night- 24 hours a day- 7 days per week

Just 30 minutes before we reach you

We are your home and business locksmith service providers.

Competent Staff and telephone support

We have years of experience

Reasonable prices- No hidden fees.

Our Clients are #1

When should you change your door lock?

There are many reasons that may necessitate the changing of your door lock.

You recently relocated to a new home: A recent server by Ocean Finance concluded that about 30 percent of people relocating to a new home doesn’t change their external door locks. The front door lock is mostly not changed because of the stress involved in moving. Perhaps you have moved to a new home, the first thing to do is to call a fully trained to perform a lock change. This is not only for those going to a new home but also for those living in a rented accommodation or apartment.

You recently lost your keys: Another reason why people change their door or upvc locks is stolen or lost keys. Some people do key cutting but this is only possible if you have a spare. Once you notice your key is lost or a destructive entry, do not wait because someone might use it to steal your valuables. In this case, performing burglary repairs isn’t an option.

General wear and tear: Overtime, your door locks may be worn out and require replacement. This would lead to inconveniences, making it hard for you to operate. In such case, they need repairs if you are low on budget. However, it will be better to get a new type of lock to secure your valuables. You can also use doors with alarms systems if you living in a surrounding area where crime is prevalent.

Basic Home Maintenance

There are basic lock maintenances that can be performed without stress. These include

Checking door Frame, deadbolt and duplicating your original key

You will need a professional locksmith to duplicate keys. Keys have a lifespan and wear out before door lock. It is safer to duplicate the original in case of such occurrences.

Lubricating your door lock once a year can ensure smooth functioning of the locks. You can use graphite to perform this act.

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